David Ko
Music Therapist. Composer. Voice Actor.

Available for freelance music composition and voice acting work.



David Ko (b. 1991) is a board-certified music therapist (MT-BC) with a love of music, creativity, and fun.

He has been composing music for choir, a cappella groups, webcomics, and games since 2009, and has been recognized on both a national and international level.  His music has been described as "driven by energetic melodies," having "a large sense of fun," with "an edge of quirkiness."

David's instrumental music has most notably appeared under the What Pumpkin record label in the webcomic Homestuck, where it has sold thousands of copies and entertained numerous fans.

David is an avid arranger and composer of a cappella vocal music. He arranged a cappella music for Reverb, where he acted as Music Director from 2010-2013. His arrangements, both working solo and with co-arranger Skip Stradtman, have earned multiple awards at the International Championship of Collegiate A Cappella (ICCA). He now creates arrangements for various high school, collegiate, and professional a cappella groups, primarily in the southern United States. David's a cappella arrangements vary in style, from classic barbershop to modern pop sounds.

David's choral music has been performed by Florida State's University Singers as well as the Festival Singers of Florida. His arrangement of "Flow Gently, Sweet Afton" had its European premiere in 2013, where it was performed in Budapest, Vienna, and Prague.

David holds a Masters degree in Music Therapy from Florida State University. He is currently based in Florida, where he works as a full-time music therapist in the psychiatric field of mental health and rehabilitation.

Music (Under Construction)


All prices are listed at a "per-minute" rate. Rates are rounded up after 30 seconds. 
(An a cappella commission lasting 3:48 at $50/minute would cost $200.)

A Cappella Arrangements / Transcriptions*

Number of Parts (+ Solo):


6-Part (SSATBB/SSSAAA/TTTBBB) $100/min
4-Part (SATB/SSAA/TTBB/Barbershop) $75/min
2/3-Part (SA/SSA/SAA) $50/min

Original Compositions (Choral/Instrumental/Chiptune)*

Number of Parts (+ Solo):


6-Part (SSATBB/SSSAAA/TTTBBB) $200/min
4-Part (SATB/SSAA/TTBB/Barbershop) $150/min
2/3-Part (SA/SSA/SAA) $100/min

* Average rates listed. 

Rates may be subject to change based on overall complexity of the arrangement/composition. If your school, company, or group cannot afford a particular commission at the listed rates, a new rate may be negotiated at the recipient's request.

All rates must be agreed upon by all parties before the recipient receives any finished copy of an arrangement and/or composition.

All arrangements include a sound file (.wav/.mp3) and/or a data file (.ftm/.ogg/.musx/.midi).

If the piece is composed for a choir, orchestra, or other musical group for performance purposes, a PDF of the completed sheet music can also be included at the recipient's request.


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