Okay, guys.

I’ve been deep in thought about this, and I’ve realized that between all of my volunteering, composition work, arranging, and school, something had to give.

I’ve been asking myself: Is this something I can see myself doing, updating week after week for however long this would go on? And honestly, I said “No.” Don’t get me wrong; I’ve always enjoyed creating the comic. The writing process was a blast, and it’s always satisfying to see a new page up on the website. However, I’m finding it hard to keep up the pace, especially with school and other responsibilities.

Finally, the comic never really got the reaction I was hoping it would. That, dear reader, is certainly no fault of yours: Pokemon comics are EVERYWHERE, and there are a great deal that attract more views than mine. My comic, while entertaining, is full of author avatars, and has little Pokemon to speak of. I understand it takes time to build a webcomic following, but the fact that this has been up for over a year and its views have already been surpassed by my Nuzlocke (which is barely two months old) shows that this might not be what people are looking for.



Never fear! While the Revolution is no more, I plan to continue my Nuzlocke comic adventure. This will likely be its new homepage. The Nuzlocke is a comic that I update in sections, giving me all the time I want to get ’em out and not feel pressured with “GOTTA GET THE NEXT SMALL BIT OUT THERE.” Until I have the site updated with the new comic info, you can check out “Time On My Side” at Smackjeeves!

Smell ya later.